May 31, 2008

Every day, about 20 consultations are attended and accordingly given the respective Ayurvedic Diagnosis and Panchagavya (cow's medicinal products) Treatments.

Welcome to all

Here each and everyone may step in and receive the healing smile at first.


Apr 23, 2008


Kamdhenu's Ontology
Go Mata, The Mother of Mankind, Goddess of Gods and the Worshiped Deity of Parameshvar, Shri Govinda.

गो माता, थे मोठेर ऑफ़ मंकिंद, गोददेस ऑफ़ गोड्स एंड थे वोर्शिपेद दिटी ऑफ़ परमेश्वर, श्री गोविंदा.