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Kamdhenu Gaushala was personally begun by His Divine Grace Shri Saradacharyag.

Shri Maharaj Ji started in 2004 with ten milking Cows, but now it is more than 50 Cows, Bulls and Calves. Their number is growing every year. Small baby calves will soon grow into bulls and mothers, and their needs will also increase. As they grow and produce more milk for the benefit of humans, it is important to provide them proper nourishment and care. Secondly, this project aims to educate more devotees and the people in general on the importance of Go-Seva.

Our mother has been taking care of us for so many years,now the right time to return that kindness.
Provision of cow medicine to villager = 10 USD
Food for cow for 1 week = 30 USD
Veterinary care for cow for 1 Year = 100 USD
Training for agriculture student for 1 Year = 1000 USD

The Kamdhenu Goshala spends Rs. 12. Lakhs per year for maintaining the Cows. It takes up to Rs. 1,100/- per month, per Cow. Sponsor Krishna’s cows in Patnagarh and obtain boundless mercy! Every month you can donate some little amount of money which is affordable by you and make Go-Seva a life time service to Goumata.
Feed 4 Cows for one day Rs. 100
Feed 10 Cows for one day Rs. 250
Feed 20 Cows for one day Rs. 500
Feed and maintain a Cow for one month Rs. 1,100
Feed and maintain 3 Cows for one month Rs. 3,300
Feed and maintain 5 Cows for one month Rs. 5,500
Maintain Goshala for one day Rs. 7,500
Sponsor a feast for Cows Rs. 8,000 
Feed a Cow or Bull for one full year Rs. 10,000
Total Medical Expenses (For One Month) Rs. 10,000
Go-Dhan (Donating a Cow with her calf) 

To donate contact
Sevika Ashram, Kamdhenudham
Village- Turlamaal, Post- Balipata
Via- Patnagarh, Odisha
Mobile: +91 9938712663

website: ,

To deposit directly in the Bank A/c
Account Name-Kamdhenu(Trust.A/c.)
Account Number-31121115867
State Bank of India
Pin-767025, Odisha, India

    Registered in section 12(A) No.CIT-1/T/120(K-41)Agra/2004-05/3261
    Donations for this trust are eligible for tax relief U/S-80G of income tax act 1961

    Our organization (kamdhenu) is a national organization.  we try to develop the poor-villages in Odisha by training the farmers on cow based cultivation and cottage industry with preserving forest, water, soil and wild life. In Odisha more than 200 villages have already been undertaken and village committees have been formed. For this purpose 7 acres of land has been taken (1 acre from donation, 7 acre from state government) 5 Kilometers away from Patnagarh city.

    What we humbly need from you:-
    1- Cow shed: 60’x20’ tin thatched shed. Costing about =Rs. 3,60,000/-
    2- Office: 20’x15’ R C C roof Costing about= Rs.150,000/-
    3- Medicine manufacturing shed: 10’x40’ hall Costing about =Rs. 2,00,000/-
    4- Compost(manure) making pit( 6’x12’x6’ pit@=Rs 5000/- each =Rs.50,000/-
    5- Shelter for old age & disable Cattle (100 nos.) 40 sq. ft/cow , total 4000 sq ft @Rs. 30/ sq. ft = Rs. 1,20,000/-
    6- Feed go-down (dried fodder store)= Rs. 50,000/-
    7- Free health centre: 15’x20’ costing about Rs:1,80,000/-
    8- Residential quarter: 4-no.s x 1,00,000/- =Rs. 4,00,000/-
    9- Borewell ,motor and over head tank with all fittings Rs. 1,20,000/-

    1- Farmer training about cow based cultivation.
    2- Ayurvedic (panchgavya) medicine.
    3- Bio-organic product.
    4- Self employment scheme for rural people.
    5- Free health service.
    6- Cottage industry.
    7- Preservation and improvement of live stock.
    8- Herbal garden.

    For details plz visit:,,
    Mobile: +91 9938712663

    Donation for Old Age Home

    Donation for Old Age Home
    100020Medicines Boxes 
    2000401 Meal / Bed Side Lockers / Bed Sheets
    300060Almirah / Cup Board
    5000100SEMI (Fowler) / Tilt Bed / A Days food
    10,000200Television / Air Cooler
    15,000300  Water Cooler/ Kitchen Equipment / Kitchen Crockery
    20,000400To look after an aged person per year
    25,000500Dining Hall Furniture
    50,0001000Dormitory Construction/Laundry Equipment / Freezer Box
    1 Lakh2000Single Room in memory of your beloved ones./fixed deposit towards corpus fund.
    1.5 Lakhs3000Double Room
    2 Lakhs4000Medical Equipment / Physiotherapy Equipment
    2.5 Lakhs5000Ambulance
    3 Lakhs6000Sharing Room Unit
    5 Lakhs10,000Construction Dormitory (20 Beds)

    Donation for Cow Shelter

    We are planning to construct “Shri KAMDHENU GAU SEVA KENDRA” with adequate facilities for Medical Treatment and housing for 100 cows.

    Requirement for “Shri kamdhenu Gau Seva Kendra”
    Rs.2,51,000Compound wall with Gate
    Rs.3,51,000Cow Shed Construction
    Rs.50,000Ceiling Fans for Shed 50 nos. at Rs. 1000 each
    Rs.1,51,000Water supply facilities with Tube-Well
    Rs.2,50,000Grass Godown
    Special Scheme for “Shri Kamdhenu Gau Seva Kendra”
    Rs.5000Operation and Medical expense for 1 cow
    Rs.3501One day Fodder expense for 25 cows
    Rs.11,001Kansar Seva for cows On Birthday / Gokulashthami/Ekadasi/Paryushan
    Rs.2000Ambulance expenses for one cow one time
    Life Membership for “Shri Kamdhenu Gau Seva Kendra” (From interest income)
    Rs.1,51,001Seva for 31 cows for 12 months
    Rs.75,001Seva for 31 cows for 6 months
    Rs.40,001Seva for 31 cows for 3months
    Rs.10,000Seva for 31 cows for 1 months

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