Dec 21, 2009

Donate for gousala ?

Donate for gousala ?



Kamdhenu Gaushala was personally begun by His Divine Grace Shri Saradacharyag, Shri Maharaj Ji in 2004 with ten milking Cows, but nowadays it has grown more than 50 Cows, Bulls and Calves. Their number is growing every year. Small baby calves will soon grow into bulls and mothers, and their needs will also increase. As they grow and produce more milk for the benefit of human consumers, it is important to provide them more nourishment and care. Secondly, this project aims to educate more devotees and the people in general on the importance of Go-Seva. Our "mothers" have been taking care of us for so many years; this is now the right time to return that kindness.
Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Maharaj Ji Serving Cows
The Kamdhenu Goshala spends Rs. 12. Lakhs per year for maintaining the Cows. It takes up to Rs. 1,100/- per month, per Cow. Sponsor Krishna's cows in Patnagarh & Vrindaban's Gousala and obtain boundless mercy! Every month you can donate some little amount of money which is affordable by you and make Go-Seva a life time service to Krishna Balaram’s Cows.

Feed 4 Cows for one day
Rs. 100
Feed 10 Cows for one day
Rs. 250
Feed 20 Cows for one day
Rs. 500
Feed and maintain a Cow for one month
Rs. 1,100
Feed and maintain 3 Cows for one month
Rs. 3,300
Feed and maintain 5 Cows for one month
Rs. 5,500
Maintain Goshala for one day
Rs. 7,500
Sponsor a feast for Cows
Rs. 8,000
Feed a Cow or Bull for one full year
Rs. 10,000
Total Medical Expenses (For One Month)
Rs. 10,000
(Donating a Cow with her calf)
Four Types according
to different breeds

Rs. 10,000
Rs. 15,000
Rs. 20,000
Rs. 25,000

To donate contact:
Kamdhenu Ashram, Patnagarh, Orissa
Contact Person - Mr.B.B.Acharya g.

Mobile - +91 9438284475
Email -
Web Site:

To Deposit directly in the Bank A/c
Account Name - ...
Account Number - ....
Bank - ...
Branch - .....

To Deposit directly in the Bank A/c
Account Name-Kamdhenu
Account Number-09421450000036
"Whoever wants God intensely, finds Him. Go and verify it in your own life."


FromSNUGGLER   (London, England, United Kingdom)
SentApril 28th, 2009 - 2:23 am

Welcome to couchsurfing Kamdhenudham!

Hi Kamdhenudham

You have made a really smart move..a HUGE
congratulations on joining couchsurfing and as
frequent user I would like to welcome you to this
amazing community.

First, some myths about this project DISpelled:

You must host. NOT TRUE! Many people never host.
It costs money. NOT TRUE! Donations are welcome.
Under 25's only. NOT TRUE! 70, 80+ years welcome.
You get a free toaster. NOT TRUE. Coffee machine

With very few exceptions couchsurfing is about whatever
you want it to be about: making friends, seeing places,
cultural explorations, crazy parties and most
importantly of all eating chocolate & ice cream with
strangers. Studies show this has the same bonding
effect as drinking alcohol. And as a bonus you
remember what you did the next day.

At it says in my profile when I started back in March
2008 I was worried this website would be full of
desperate, weird and sad people. I was wrong, there
are not many sad people, just a handful and they
usually come from Germany (my father is german so I am
allowed to say that). But seriously the site has a very
useful referencing section and, like ebay, you can look
up a couchsurfer's track record. I think it's always
good to read references and highly recommend you do so
if you choose to stay with or host someone.

Even if you don't host or surf you may be in an area
that is simply bursting with a social scene. Or you
may live in antarctica where the fish and whales can
make good friends. You can trust a penguin. Groups can
be area, interest, activity or idea based and are a
great way to meet people, make friends and build up
some good references before you hit the road. You can
find out more here:

How do you make the jump from online communication to
real world contact? Well, a fully filled profile
helps. Just take a look at some of the ones online. In
mine I've mentioned that my aim in life is to be David
Hasselhoff and that I like monkeys. Many people
appreciate my single-mindedness to be an 80's icon and
soft spot for hairy little people. I have to say that
from personal experience and chats with others the
biggest single thing people look at when reading a
profile is.... PHOTOS. AND LOTS OF THEM! They don't
care what you look like they just want to see who they
are talking to, where you've been and what you like. If
you are looking to be hosted in another country I
noticed many hosts look at this's the first
step for many to bridge the gap between an email and a

Here's a bit more on hosting and surfing

I also highly recommend the hosting group where topics
such as "my boyfriend is jealous I host" and "do i
give my couchsurfers keys to my home" were recent
discussions. I can send you the link to these topics
if you wish. More here:

So that's it from me for now but consider yourself with
a new couchsurfing friend! If you have ANY questions in
the future (travelling, cuisine and relationship issues
are my speciality) please feel free to get in touch. I
realise that this might be in a few weeks or months
but hey, who's counting! Don't hesitate to get back to
me anytime you feel like it. And if you ever pass
through my city, London, drop me an email. The city is
amazing and the couchsurfing scene here is one of the
best in the world. You can find the London group

Good luck and may your travels be journeys in every
sense of the word!

Andreas =)

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Welcome to couchsurfing Kamdhenudham!
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