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         Service to the Cow & mankind, research and developments, Health, Environment, Agriculture, Horticultur, Plantetion etc…….

       We will create aditee's own Bio-organic world. 

About me:
          Every day, about 30 consultatio attend and accordingly give the respective Ayurvedic Diagnosis and Panchagavya (cow's medicinal products) Treatments. Here each and everyone may step in and receive the healing blessing of Go Mata, The Mother of Mankind, Goddess of Gods and the Worshiped Deity of Parameshvar, Shri Govinda.

I feel...:          
         (Kamdhenu Gosthhi) is creating a protective layer for resistance of future unexpected exposures. How can we protect ourselves and universe???? Assure profoundly study our safety programs.
Following promise I take to myself:
1- Every day I’ll protect at least a tree.
2- Every week I'll plant a new tree.
3- I’ll do havan (YAGNYA ) and pray to sun for genuine nature & avoid sun ’s warmness.

Our medicines:
Kamdhenu makoya ark
Kamdhenu yogendra rash
Kamdhenu trayodasang google
Kamdhenu rasonadi google
Kamdhenu medohar google
Kamdhenu abhaa google
Kamdhenu kachnar google
Kamdhenu keisor google
Kamdhenu asmarinasak churn
Kamdhenu abipatikar churn
Kamdhenu Ubtan
Kamdhenu soap
Kamdhenu iye drops
Kamdhenu malham
Kamdhenu mazik tail
Kamdhenu chyavanprass
Donations: Donations to kamdhenu dham vrindaban are tax exempt in India under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act.1961.