Jun 14, 2009

Cancer Book-Chapter 7

The reason I begin this chapter with this quote is that I want to
make it clear that these treatments are not “my” treatments, per se.
They have been formulated and tested by medical mavericks and
have been shown to be effective at treating cancer. I have merely
summarized them for you in order to make all this information
readily available and understandable, since it is next to impossible to
successfully navigate the millions of websites on cancer, wade
through the lies propagated by the Cancer Industry, and get to the
truth on alternative cancer treatments.
The mainstream press seemed downright giddy last year over reports
that Coretta Scott King (widow of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.) died
of cancer while exploring an alternative cancer treatment clinic in
Mexico. What the press didn’t report is that conventional medicine
had already given up on her and left her to die (after poisoning her
with the “Big 3,” of course). It’s no surprise she would want to check
out alternatives. Sadly, she was too late.
The truth is that many patients only seek alternative care after they
been “slashed, poisoned, and burned” by the “Big 3.” Blaming an
alternative cancer clinic for the death of a patient who was
considered “terminal” when they walked in the door is like blaming
“All of my knowledge is learned by standing on the
shoulders of geniuses.” Dr. Albert Schweitzer
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
an auto body shop worker for damaging the car you towed in after it
was totaled in a high-speed collision. But unfortunately, this is the
point at which most cancer patients finally decide to try alternative
cancer treatments.
If you have cancer, the good news is that there is hope with
alternative cancer treatments. Real hope. Not the false, dishonest,
deceitful hope that doctors give you when they try to convince you
that the “Big 3” are the answer. Remember, that’s what they have
been taught in medical school, so that’s all they know. But, you also
need to remember to follow the money trail. When your doctor is
skeptical about a new “natural” treatment, you can bet that he is
only regurgitating the lies that he has read in the latest medical
journal, sponsored by Big Pharma.
It is painfully obvious that the Cancer Industry has absolutely no
interest in saving lives or in the truth. According to Walter Last,
“There is widespread suppression of natural cancer therapies, and
persecution of successful therapists. The undisputed leader in this
field is the USA, and other governments and medical authorities
happily follow the US example. The rationale for this suppression is
the claim that natural cancer therapies have not been scientifically
proven to be effective, and such treatment, even if harmless, would
delay the more effective conventional cancer treatment. This
argument would be laughable if it were not so tragic for millions of
Why is there “no official scientific evidence” for alternative
treatments? This is vital to understand. “The reason there is no
official ‘scientific evidence’ for alternative cancer treatments is that
they are not highly profitable to Big Pharma. It is impossible, by
law, for a substance to be considered to have ‘scientific evidence’
unless Big Pharma submits it to the FDA, and they will only submit
things that are very, very profitable to them. Thus, the many
thousands of studies of natural substances that have cured or treated
cancer, are not ‘scientific evidence’ and they are ignored by our
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
government, because they were not done under the control of Big
Pharma.” Webster Kehr - www.cancertutor.com/Other/NoCancer2.html
However, despite the Cancer Industry’s efforts to completely
suppress and squelch the truth about alternative cancer treatments,
sometimes the word still gets out about an effective treatment,
thanks largely to the internet. But the Cancer Industry is prepared
for just such an occasion and has a standard operating procedure for
these “leaks.” They typically handle them in one of the following
􀂾 The testimonials are explained as “unreliable,” (i.e. lies)
􀂾 The alternative cancer treatments are ignored and
􀂾 The patients are said to have undergone “spontaneous
remission“ unrelated to the alternative cancer treatment
􀂾 The patients are said to have actually been cured from the
delayed effects of conventional cancer therapy which was
administered before the alternative cancer treatment.
􀂾 The physicians who administer the alternative cancer
treatment are persecuted
Do not believe the lies of the Cancer Industry! There are several
alternative cancer treatments that work with advanced cancer
patients. However, due to the fact that Big Pharma pumps billions of
dollars into the advertising each year, you are probably only familiar
with the “Big 3.” And since most alternative cancer treatments are
very inexpensive and non-patentable, they do not provide the
Cancer Industry with a single penny of revenue, thus they are
relatively obscure.
The important aspect of alternative cancer treatments is that they
target cancer cells and do not harm healthy cells. This is a key
difference between alternative cancer treatment protocols and
orthodox cancer protocols. Conventional cancer protocols kill all
cells, including healthy cells. Big difference, isn’t it? Alternative
cancer treatments focus on cleansing the body and stimulating the
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
natural immune system with special diets, supplementation,
detoxification, oxygenation, etc. Alternative doctors regard cancer as
a systemic disease (one that involves the whole body) and focus on
correcting the underlying root of the disease, not the tumor, which
is merely a symptom. So why doesn’t every doctor get on the
bandwagon and begin to treat cancer with treatments that really
work? Well, we live in the real world, don’t we?
This chapter is dedicated to the top 7 alternative cancer treatments
for advanced cancer (i.e. Stage IV). I want to make it very clear that
only a few of the over 300 alternative cancer treatments are
powerful enough and act fast enough to treat a cancer patient given
up on by conventional medicine. Let me repeat myself: only a few
of the over 300 alternative cancer treatments are powerful enough
and act fast enough to treat a cancer patient given up on by
conventional medicine.
If you have Stage IV cancer, then you are considered to be
“terminal.” You do not have time to waste “monkeying around” with
a treatment for Stage II cancer. The clock is ticking! Do not mess
around. After careful consideration and voluminous research, I have
included the 7 most potent Stage IV cancer treatments. If you had a
six inch gash on your abdomen, you wouldn’t treat it with a band
aid. Neither should you treat Stage IV cancer with a less potent
Stage II or Stage III treatment. If you have cancer and have been
given up on by orthodox medicine, then please pay close attention to
these 7 treatments. Perhaps one of them will save your life.
In this chapter, I will discuss in detail the treatments I would
consider if I had advanced cancer. Guaranteed to work? Sorry. No
guarantees. But if you have advanced cancer, you have likely already
been given a guaranteed “death sentence” from your doctor and you
have basically a 0% chance of survival with conventional cancer
medicine. No chance.
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
NOTE: These advanced alternative cancer treatments should never
be combined, except in a clinical setting. This is because the dosages
for these treatments are established based on the ability of the body
to rid itself of dead cancer cells. By combining these treatments at
home, the number of dead cancer cells could be far too high and
toxicity could occur.
#1 - DMSO/MSM/Cesium Chloride (“DMCC“)
I first learned about this protocol a couple of years ago, and have
since then learned of several doctors who are using it. DMSO
(dimethyl sulfoxide) is a highly non-toxic, 100% natural product
that comes from the wood industry. MSM (methyl sulfonyl
methane) is basically DMSO with an additional oxygen atom
attached to the sulfur atom, forming a molecule with a total of two
attached oxygen atoms. MSM occurs in fresh fruit and vegetables,
raw milk, wheat grass juice, and aloe vera. Both DMSO and MSM
have the property of being quite soluble in both oil and water based
liquids. In this book, I use the term “DMSO” to refer to both
substances, since according to biochemist Dr. David Gregg, “DMSO
and MSM, which form each other in the body, should be essentially
indistinguishable in their biochemical effects. ”
DMSO, as a healing agent, was introduced in the 1960s by a research
team headed by Stanley W. Jacob, M.D., at the University of Oregon
Medical School. A study was conducted in which DMSO was mixed
with a haematoxylon (a purple dye) and injected into patients with
cancer. The purpose of the study was to determine which cells
would “attract” the DMSO. They learned that DMSO has an affinity
for cancer cells. As a matter of fact, some of the cancer patients were
cured during this study, even though DMSO was only being
combined with a dye! (“Haematoxylon Dissolved in
Dimethylsulfoxide [DMSO] Used in Recurrent Neoplasms” by E. J.
Tucker, M.D., F.A.C.S., and A. Carrizo, M.D., June 1968). The study
also showed that DMSO could not only dissolve substances, but it
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
could also penetrate human skin and carry the dissolved substances
along with it! This is remarkable, because human skin is
impenetrable to most substances.
How does it work? When organs are injured or deteriorate, the
damaged tissue produces agents called “free radicals” which damage
cell DNA (and cell walls) and begin turning the cells cancerous by
changing their respiration mechanism. DMSO is a potent scavenger
of these radicals, maintaining the normal integrity of cells and
tissues. According to Dr. David Gregg, “in the body DMSO forms
equilibrium with MSM (the oxidized form of DMSO) and the
combination becomes an oxygen transport system, enhancing
aerobic metabolism. This operates at only one point, the respiratory
chain (at the inner membrane of the mitochondria).”
Over the past four decades, more than 10,000 articles on the biologic
implications of DMSO have appeared in the scientific literature and
30,000 articles on the chemistry of DMSO have also been published.
The results of these studies strongly support the view that DMSO is
a remarkable new therapeutic principle. In his book, Cancer &
Natural Medicine, John Boik cites a number of publications where
DMSO solutions have caused numerous forms of cancer in vitro
(outside the living organism) to differentiate, thus reverting into
normal cells through reestablishing aerobic metabolism.
Once aerobic metabolism is reestablished, the previously cancerous
cells will eventually be eliminated via apoptosis. Remember,
apoptosis is programmed cell death that happens to most normal
cells in a matter of a couple of weeks. Reestablishing aerobic
metabolism with DMSO will not correct genetic damage, but
holding the cancer cells in a normal state long enough gives the
natural process associated with healthy cells (i.e. apoptosis) time to
kill the cancer cells. This is a bit of a paradox, but one way that
DMSO kills cancer cells is through making them healthy.
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Of course, with an effective alternative treatment, you can expect
the Cancer Industry’s cronies to go to work. According to Webster
Kehr, “the FDA took note of the effectiveness of DMSO at treating
pain and made it illegal for medical uses in order to protect the
profits of the aspirin companies (in those days aspirin was used to
treat arthritis). Thus, it must be sold today as a ‘solvent.’ Few people
can grasp the concept that government agencies are started for the
sole purpose of being the ‘police force’ of large, corrupt corporations.
Buying the souls of politicians is as easy as giving candy to a baby.”
While DMSO has been called “the most controversial therapeutic
advance of modern times,” the controversy seems to be based on
politics and money rather than science. Honestly, I wish we lived in
a world where physicians would treat cancer patients with the
proper treatment rather than have patients treat themselves at
home. Unfortunately, due to the influence of Big Pharma, physicians
are using treatments that have been chosen solely on the basis of
their profitability rather than their effectiveness. When you
consider the fact that DMSO is not a patentable drug, is cheap, safe
and effective, and knowing what you should know about the Cancer
Industry, is it any wonder that there is a “smear” campaign against
Perhaps the most important attribute of DMSO/MSM is that it works
in synergy with other treatments, such as cesium chloride, the most
alkaline mineral in the world. It’s a fact that many parts of the world
that have high levels of strong alkaline minerals in their water have
a very low incidence of cancer. The Hunzakuts of Northern Pakistan
have water high in cesium, and never develop cancer unless they
move away from their homeland. The Hunzakuts also eat apricot
kernels (which contain vitamin B17) on a regular basis. I will discuss
B17 therapy later in the book.
When cesium is transported into the cell, it is able to radically
increase the intracellular pH of the cell. Once inside the cell, the
cesium begins to pull potassium from the blood, thus it eventually
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
blocks the cell’s intake of glucose, thus it stops the fermentation
process, thus it starves the cell. The cesium also neutralizes the
lactic acid which is produced with anaerobic respiration, thus
stopping the cell from proliferating and stopping the “cachexia
cycle“ at the cellular level.
According to Dr. David Gregg, “the cesium ions are taken into the
cell via the sodium-potassium pump, substituting for potassium, and
are trapped there. Not only are the cesium ions trapped, but they
also block the exit of the potassium ions by blocking the potassium
channel proteins in the cell walls. The accumulation of cesium and
potassium ions in the cell negates the voltage potential across the
cell membrane. This voltage potential is required to energize the
sodium-glucose co-transport system that feeds the cell. The cell thus
starves. There would also be an accumulation of ions in the cell,
which will cause the cells to swell, due to osmotic pressure, and
possibly burst.” www.krysalis.net/cancer1.htm.
But why are cancer cells impacted far faster/greater than normal
cells? Dr. Gregg hypothesizes that since anaerobic cancer cells
require almost 20 times more glucose than normal cells to obtain the
same amount of energy, their sodium-potassium pumps operate
almost 20 times faster than normal cells. This being so, they will
pump cesium into their cells almost 20 times faster than normal
cells, and will starve and burst 20 times faster. I think he is right on
with his theory.
However, it’s important to remember that since both cesium and
potassium ions are trapped, there could be serious consequences if
you don’t compensate for the low levels of potassium in the blood.
According to Dr. James Howenstine as quoted on the internet,
“Some patients on cesium develop evidence of potassium depletion
so serum potassium needs to be monitored along with uric acid
blood levels. Any alkali therapy changes the ph of the body toward a
more alkalotic state. This causes movement of potassium into cells
[i.e. which depletes serum potassium] which may result in low
serum potassium values.”
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Perhaps the most well known physician to use cesium to treat
cancer is Dr. H. E. Sartori. He began his cesium cancer therapy
program in April 1981 at Life Sciences Universal Medical Clinics in
Rockville, Maryland, where 50 patients with “terminal” cancer were
treated. In other words, their cancer had metastasized to other
organs and they were sent home to die. The medical establishment
labeled their conditions as “hopeless” and “terminal.” Of the 50
patients, 3 were comatose, and 47 had already completed maximum
dosages of the “Big 3” before cesium was tried.
Cesium chloride was given to patients, along with vitamin A,
vitamin C, vitamin B17, zinc, and selenium. The diet consisted
primarily of whole grains, vegetables, and linolenic acid rich foods
such as flaxseed, walnut, and wheat germ. To increase efficiency of
the treatment and improve the circulation and oxygenation, the
patients received the chelating agent EDTA and DMSO. The study
included 10 patients with breast cancer, 9 with colon cancer, 6 with
prostate cancer, 4 had pancreatic cancer, 6 had lung cancer, 3 had
liver cancer, 3 had lymphoma, 1 had pelvic cancer, and 8 had cancer
from an unknown site of origin.
The results were astounding. Approximately 50% of patients with
breast, colon, prostate, pancreatic, and lung cancer survived for at
least 3 years, despite the fact that conventional doctors gave them
only a few weeks to live! Thirteen patients died in the first two
weeks of therapy. Autopsy results in each of these thirteen disclosed
reduced tumor size from the cesium therapy. Amazingly, pain
disappeared in 100% of the patients within 1 to 3 days after
initiation of cesium therapy. The write up of these studies can be
found in Dr. Sartori’s book, Cancer – Orwellian or Utopian?
Considering the fact that cesium chloride is typically only used on
advanced cancer patients, Dr. Sartori’s 50% cure rate is astonishing.
Here’s why: All of the patients had already been given their “death
sentence” by conventional doctors. They were labeled as “terminal”
and sent home to die. They likely had damage to their major organs
from the toxic chemo treatments and/or radiation. Yet, still 50%
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
were saved! This is truly remarkable. By far, this 50% cure rate with
advanced cancer patients is the best reliable cure rate I have
encountered in my research. Remember, the cure rate for similar
advanced cancer patients by orthodox medicine is close to zero
Dr. Sartori currently practices in Thailand and other countries. The
following story, and related issues, explain the main reason why he
left the United States: “...on 2 May 1992, U.S. Government Agents
simultaneously broke into three locations where the originals and
two copies of some 3000 patient records treated by LSU [a medical
center, not the university] from 1980 through 1992, including about
650 cancer patients, about 180 AIDS patients, about 80 multiple
sclerosis patients, and over 2000 patients with different conditions
that were the data basis for the 2nd ed. of the Ozone Book that for
reasons beyond the control of the authors took until the year 2005 to
be finally completed.” www.cancertutor.com/Other02/Sartori.html
Dr. Keith Brewer (a physicist) became very interested in cancer in
the 1930s. He discovered that cancer cells had an affinity for cesium.
This fact is the reason that a radioactive isotope of cesium is
commonly used as a “marker” to trace the movement of
conventional chemotherapy drugs into a tumor. Introducing
substantial amounts of cesium into the body, he reasoned, might
cause a cancer cell to absorb enough to change its pH and disrupt
anaerobic metabolism and the fermentation process it needed to stay
After extensive testing, Brewer determined that cesium or rubidium
could raise the pH of cancer cells. Ultimately he focused on cesium
because it was the more alkaline of the two. The question, however,
was how to get enough cesium into the cancer cell to change its pH.
Brewer determined that there were a number of vitamins and
minerals (including vitamin B17) that greatly enhanced the
absorption of these elements by the cancerous cells. By
administering these substances in conjunction with the cesium, the
level of the cesium absorbed was sufficient to kill the cancer cells.
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Here’s how. The cesium proceeded to alkalize the cancer cells, thus
causing them to reestablish aerobic metabolism. This caused cell
replication to cease and also caused normal apoptosis to occur within
a few days. In 1981, tests were performed on 30 patients with
cancer, and in all 30 patients, the cancerous tumors disappeared
and the pain ceased within 2 days. This protocol became the
basis for the what is now called “High pH Therapy.”
Remember the story of Neal Deoul? He had financed research on
cesium and aloe vera to battle cancer (and AIDS). He was sued and
his name was dragged through the mud in a lengthy court battle
initiated by the Cancer Industry. During the court battle, Deoul was
diagnosed with cancer, and turned to a form of high pH therapy,
which eventually cured him of cancer. Great news for alternative
cancer treatments; horrible news for the Cancer Industry. Since
their court battle began in the late 1990s, Neal and his entire family
have been horribly persecuted by the Cancer Industry. Read more
about their story here: www.cancer-coverup.com.
According to Dr. Hans Nieper, who used a cesium chloride protocol
in Hanover, Germany, “You wouldn’t believe how many FDA
officials or relatives or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see
me as patients in Hanover. You wouldn’t believe this, or directors of
the AMA, or ACA, or the presidents of orthodox cancer institutes.
That’s the fact.” (www.whale.to/vaccine/quotes2.html). Many
celebrities and executives from America went to Germany to be
treated by Dr. Nieper, including Anthony Quinn, William
Holden, John Wayne, Yul Brynner, and Princess Caroline of
Monaco. Nancy Sinatra lavished praise on Dr. Nieper stating, “he is
a fabulous person, a recognized scientist, a marvelous doctor.”
DMSO binds with cesium chloride to get inside of cancer cells.
However, what DMSO is really used for is to get the cesium chloride
through the skin into the blood stream. The DMCC protocol is
especially effective with brain cancer patients because of how
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
quickly it gets past the blood-brain barrier, but it can be used
productively with any type of cancer. In a case study, one brain
cancer patient had a tumor in his brain pressing against one of his
optic nerves. When he mixed DMSO with the cesium chloride he
could literally feel the cesium flooding into the tumor’s cancer cells
within just a few minutes, since the tumor was pressing against his
optic nerve.
According to Dr. Robert R. Barefoot in his book, The Calcium
Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth, “Cesium chloride
is a natural salt, and where it is found, cancer does not exist. This is
because cesium is the most caustic mineral that exists, and when it
enters the body, it seeks out all of the acidic cancer hotspots, dousing
the fire of cancer, thereby terminating the cancer within days. Also,
when dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is rubbed near a painful cancer,
the pain is removed and the DMSO causes the cesium to penetrate
the cancer tumor much faster, thereby terminating the cancer much
faster.” However, since this can also cause excessive swelling, in
some cases it is better not to rub the cesium directly above the
There are multiple theories on why and how the DMCC protocol
stops cancer in its tracks. My theory (and I am not alone) is that the
cancer-fighting mechanism in the DMCC protocol is either that it
kills the microbes in the cancer cells or it transports enough oxygen
to the cells that they reestablish aerobic metabolism, or both.
According to Dr. David Gregg, the cesium “cancer-kill mechanism”
is one (or a combination of) the following:
1. It changes the osmotic pressure in the cancer cells relative to
the surrounding media, causing them to swell and burst.
(This is why the tumor swells, which can be dangerous in
some cases.)
2. It results in an opposing cesium & potassium concentration
gradient that arrests the continued operation of the sodiumpotassium
pump, arresting the sodium-glucose co-transport
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
system feeding glucose into the cancer cell, thus starving the
cancer cell.
3. It results in an accumulation of negative ions inside the
cancer cell, canceling the potential gradient across the cell
membrane, which is required to energize the sodiumglucose
co-transport system, thus starving the cell.
4. It results in a breakdown of the cancer’s disguise which
“deceives” the immune system, thus the cancer cell is made
visible and is attacked/destroyed by the immune system.
I suppose that it’s possible that all 4 mechanisms described by Dr.
Gregg play a role in killing the cancer cells. In any event, regardless
of the exact cancer-kill mechanism, the fact of the matter is that the
DMCC protocol kills cancer cells (either directly or indirectly), stops
cancer from metastasizing (spreading), shrinks tumors within weeks,
and alleviates pain within a few days, depending upon what is
causing the pain. This is my #1 recommended Stage IV cancer
treatment protocol. However, please understand that any level of
swelling, inflammation, and/or congestion can be very dangerous,
thus the DMCC protocol is not recommended for everyone.
So, if you decide to undergo DMCC treatment at home, it is vital
that you consult with my recommended vendor – Dr. Darrell Wolfe,
PhD, who runs The Wolfe Clinic in Canada. Dr. Wolfe has 25+
years experience with cancer patients. For a very reasonable fee, he
will supervise cancer patients via telephone consultations. His
website is www.thewolfeclinic.com. An Adobe version of their
DMSO/Cesium protocol can be found at the following website:
WARNING: DMSO is an amazing product, but there are some
strong warnings that go with it. Please be sure to read chapter 9 on
the Overnight Cure for Cancer for this information.
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
#2 – Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT)
Although I am adamantly opposed to traditional “high dose”
chemotherapy, my 2nd recommended Stage IV cancer protocol does
involve chemotherapy, albeit in extremely low doses, in a treatment
called Insulin Potentiation Therapy. Over time, traditional
chemotherapy dosages compromise the patient’s blood counts,
immune system, and organ function to such an extent that they
preclude further treatment and oftentimes cause organ damage
resulting in the patient’s death. However, IPT eliminates the “lesser
of two evils” decision cancer patients face when they are diagnosed.
By targeting a low dose of chemotherapy (less than 1/10 of the
typical chemo dosage) to the cancer cells, IPT enhances toxicity to
the cancer while reducing toxicity to the patient. It is an extremely
safe, effective, and relatively inexpensive cancer therapy used
successfully for over 60 years.
Readers will recognize insulin as being the hormone used to treat
diabetes. Secreted by the pancreas in healthy people, insulin is a
powerful hormone with many actions in the human body, a
principal one being to manage the delivery of glucose across cell
membranes into cells. Insulin communicates its messages to cells by
joining up with specific insulin receptors scattered on the outer
surface of the cell membranes. Every cell in the human body has
between 100 and 100,000 insulin receptors. Insulin actually opens
the cell membrane or “door” to the cell, thereby allowing sugar and
other substances to be transported inside. That’s why diabetics, who
are unable to produce insulin properly, cannot admit sugar into their
cells; thus, they develop hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).
What does this have to do with cancer? It is a well-known scientific
fact that cancer cells have a insatiable appetite for glucose.
Remember, cancer loves sugar! Also, remember that cancer cells are
anaerobic. So, they produce energy via fermenting glucose, an
extremely inefficient way to produce energy, and one of the reasons
that cancer patients lose so much weight. Their cancer cells require
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
so much glucose that they literally steal it away from the body’s
normal cells, thus starving the cancer patient.
With IPT, insulin acts as a “potentiator,” tricking the cancer cells
into believing they are going to be fed sugar (which they thrive on)
when, in fact, they are going to be destroyed by chemotherapy.
Since insulin acts as a potentiator and increases the effectiveness of
the chemo, far less chemo is needed than with traditional chemo.
This means far less side-effects as well as a much more effective
The interesting connection between cancer cells and insulin is that
recent findings published in the scientific medical literature report
that cancer cells actually manufacture and secrete their own insulin .
According to Dr. Stephen Ayre, one of the experts in IPT,
“Cancer cells get their energy by secreting their own
insulin, and they stimulate themselves to grow by
secreting their own insulin-like growth factor (IGF).
These are their mechanisms of malignancy. Insulin and
IGF work by attaching to special cell membrane receptors,
and these receptors are sixteen times more concentrated
on cancer cell membranes than on normal cells. These
receptors are the key to IPT. Using insulin in IPT, the end
result is that the low dose chemotherapy gets channeled
specifically inside the cancer cells, killing them more
effectively, and with no chemotherapy side-effects. IPT is
ingenious; it kills cancer cells by using the
very same mechanisms that cancer cells use to kill
people.” www.contemporarymedicine.net/ipt_main.htm
The above quote is very important in understanding the mechanism
of IPT therapy. IPT kills the cancer cells…and only the cancer cells.
Just as cancer cells have their own independent secretion of insulin,
they also have their own independent secretion of IGF to provide
them with an unlimited stimulus for growth. And cancer cells have
16 times more receptors for insulin and IGF on their cell
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
membranes. Not only can insulin join up with its own specific
receptors on cell membranes, but insulin is also able to join up with
the receptors for IGF, and to communicate messages about growth to
the cell. While it may seem highly undesirable for a cancer therapy
to actually promote cancer cell growth, this is in fact a valuable
effect of insulin here.
You can always tell when someone is undergoing chemotherapy
treatments, because they typically lose their hair and are oftentimes
very sick and nauseated. Have you ever wondered why? The reason
is simple. The cells of patient’s hair follicles and the cells which line
the stomach and intestines have one common denominator: they are
rapidly dividing cells. So are cancer cells. Chemotherapy drugs like
to attack rapidly dividing cells, indiscriminately. However, in a
tumor, not all the cancer cells are in this rapidly dividing stage all at
once. The fact of the matter is that they take turns. So when insulin
joins up with the IGF receptors on those cancer cells, it stimulates
growth in many of the cells that are not in this growth phase. It
literally “turns on” cells and makes them active. Then, the
chemotherapy administered after insulin has been injected actually
targets the cells that are “active” and thus more susceptible to the
chemotherapy. The end result, which is a beautiful thing for a
cancer patient, is that the insulin renders more of these cells
susceptible to chemotherapy attack.
How does it work? Basically, during IPT, a small dose of insulin is
given to the patient that opens the cell membranes and induces
hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), making the patient dizzy and weak.
Remember, as Dr. Ayre stated, cancer cells have 16 times more
insulin and IGF receptors than normal cells. By inducing
hypoglycemia, we can cause the cancer cells to open their receptors
at a rate of 16 to 1, thereby allowing us to selectively target cancer
cells! It typically takes about half an hour to induce hypoglycemia.
Then, the cancer cells think they are going to be fed some sugar and
open up their cell “doors.”
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
However, at this point, we pull the “bait and switch” on the cancer
cells, as low doses of traditional chemotherapy are administered
intravenously. The cancer cells gobble up the chemotherapy,
thinking it is sugar, and are killed via much lower doses than typical
chemo. In an article appearing in the European Journal of Cancer
and Clinical Oncology, Vol. 17, 1981, Dr. Oliver Alabaster, MD, of
the Cancer Research Laboratory at George Washington University
showed that insulin could increase the effectiveness of a certain
chemotherapy agent (methotrexate) by as much as 10,000 times and
therefore could produce significantly greater results against cancer.
But what would happen if we add DMSO to the IPT equation?
According to Dr. Hauser, “most medications do not adequately pass
the blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier retards the entry of
many compounds into the brain, including chemotherapeutic
agents. Theoretically, if there was a way to increase the transport of
substances into the central nervous system and through the
barrier, the efficacy of treatment would be greatly enhanced.”
(Treating Cancer With Insulin Potentiation Therapy, page 84). On
his website (www.caringmedical.com), Dr. Hauser also states, “various
substances can be used to optimize the cancer-killing effects of
chemotherapy, in addition to insulin, dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)...”
Remember that DMSO is able to pass through the blood-brain
barrier. What Dr. Hauser is saying is that the DMSO binds to some
types of chemotherapy, then insulin opens up the membranes of the
cancer cells to the chemotherapy. DMSO/IPT is a potent “double
whammy” combination of treatments, especially for brain cancer.
While combining DMSO with IPT cannot be done at home, it is
possible to find an IPT clinic and convince them to combine DMSO
with IPT. In Dr. Hauser’s book, he lists the types of chemotherapy
drugs that bind to DMSO. This treatment should be extremely
potent and have no side effects, since virtually all of the chemo
drugs will wind up inside the cancer cells.
IPT has virtually no side effects. There is certainly no hair loss, no
going home to shiver in bed for couple of days, and no severe
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
vomiting. Occasionally, some nausea is encountered for a few hours
after the first couple of treatments, but this is also easily managed.
Does IPT really work? Definitely. IPT is tough against tumors while
being very gentle for the patient, who continues to live a normal,
vital lifestyle while being treated. Treatments last a little over an
hour, so most patients are able to continue to work at their
customary vocations while undergoing these weekly treatments. But
why doesn’t your doctor know about this effective, less expensive,
less damaging protocol? The answer is simple: The FDA hasn’t
approved it, except as an “experimental procedure.”
Why doesn’t your oncologist know about this if it has been around
for 60 years? It’s not because it hasn’t been documented to Big
Medicine and Big Pharma - there are numerous published studies in
professional journals. But remember...if you are ever in doubt, just
follow the money trail.
Let’s put on our “math hats” here and figure out which treatment is
more lucrative – traditional chemo or IPT. Well, since IPT uses
only 1/10 of the expensive chemo drugs, I guess we found our
answer, didn’t we? Before they die (usually as a result of
chemotherapy), a conventional cancer patient will produce
hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue for the Cancer Industry.
Such a simple and effective treatment like IPT would severely cut
into their profits, wouldn’t it? Sadly, as we have seen over and over,
profits take precedence over principle. As a result, IPT is still being
ignored as a much more effective cancer treatment alternative to
traditional chemotherapy.
The physician which I recommend and who is somewhat of a
pioneer in this area is Dr. Steven G. Ayre, M.D.. His Contemporary
Medicine Clinic is in Burr Ridge, Illinois (just outside Chicago), his
website is www.contemporarymedicine.net, and his email address is
Steven303@aol.com. Dr. Ayre has studied and researched IPT for
over 30 years, and actually coined the name “Insulin Potentiation
Therapy” in 1986. He has published 5 papers in peer reviewed
medical literature on IPT and has treated over 200 cancer patients
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
with IPT. He also uses intravenous vitamin C therapy, which I will
discuss later.
Another physician who uses IPT is Dr. Frank Shallenberger, who
has a clinic in Carson City, Nevada. He uses ozone therapy,
hydrogen peroxide, and IPT. His IPT technology is top-of-the-line.
His website is www.antiagingmedicine.com.
If you are considering IPT, then the first step is to purchase Treating
Cancer With Insulin Potentiation Therapy by Ross A. Hauser, M.D.
and Marion A. Hauser, M.S., R.D. It is available on Amazon.com.
#3 – Ozone Therapy
The body can survive weeks without food, days without water, but
only minutes without oxygen. Each cell of the body requires an
incessant supply of oxygen to feed the chemical reactions that
generate energy, detoxify waste products, and sustain production of
the structural cell components. Remember Otto Warburg’s Nobel
Prize? It was based on his theory that most, if not all degenerative
diseases, are a result of lack of oxygen at the cellular level. He is
often quoted as saying, “Cancer has only one prime cause. The prime
cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of
body cells by an anaerobic cell respiration.”
Dr. Warburg pointed out that any substance that deprived a cell of
oxygen was a carcinogen. In 1966, he stated that it was useless to
look for new carcinogens, because the end result of each one was the
same, cellular deprivation of oxygen. He further stated that the
incessant search for new carcinogens was counter-productive
because it obscured the prime cause, lack of oxygen, and therefore
prevented appropriate treatment. Once the level of oxygen available
to a cell drops below 40% of normal, the cell is forced to switch to
an inferior method of energy production, called fermentation. The
cell then loses its governor on replication, and cancer is the result.
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
What exactly is ozone? Ozone was discovered by Fridereich
Schonbein in 1840. It is merely oxygen in a “menage á trios,” an
activated form of oxygen with 3 atoms. (Oxygen is O2 whereas ozone
is O3.) Ozone therapy accelerates the metabolism of oxygen and
stimulates the release of oxygen atoms from the bloodstream. Over a
period of 20 to 30 minutes, ozone breaks down into two atoms of
regular oxygen by giving up one atom of singlet oxygen leaving a
single, reactive oxygen atom. It is this oxygen singlet that does most
of the work for a cancer patient. It alkalizes the cells, kills cancer
cells, binds to hydrogen, and destroys bacteria, fungi, and other
pathogens. To destroy cancer, what is required is the introduction of
massive amounts of singlet oxygen at the cellular level.
Medical ozone is made from pure oxygen mixed with electrical UV
energy (using an ozone generator) to form ozone. Ozone is
germicidal, bactericidal, and fungicidal. One misconception about
ozone is that it is dangerous to breathe. However, this is true only
about polluted city air, which also contains high levels of nitrogen.
The combination of ozone and nitrogen is dangerous to breathe, but
medical grade ozone is perfectly safe to breathe (in low doses).
Unlike healthy human cells that love oxygen, the disease causing
viruses, fungi, and bacteria are anaerobic. That means these
microbes cannot live in oxygen. What do you think would happen
to these anaerobic cells, viruses, and bacteria if they were to be
completely surrounded with a very energetic form of pure oxygen
for a long time? What if enough of this special form of
oxygen/ozone was to be slowly and harmlessly introduced into the
body daily, over the course of a few months, by bypassing the lungs,
and yet eventually saturating all the bodily fluids. The disease
causing anaerobic microbes would be obliterated, wouldn’t they?
The bottom line is that cancer cells die when exposed to oxygen.
What is the difference between ozone therapy and oxygen therapy?
The difference is that ozone (O3) has one extra molecule of oxygen
(oxygen singlet ) that doesn’t want to be there, so it breaks off and
tries to join other elements like carbon monoxide (which is deadly)
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
and changes it into carbon dioxide (which the body knows what to
do with). That extra oxygen singlet also oxidizes (destroys) 99% of
all toxins. Our bodies love oxygen, so that extra oxygen singlet is
gobbled up by everything that is good in the body and destroys all
that is bad, because pathogens like bacteria, viruses, molds, fungus,
parasites, and cancer hate oxygen. After the extra singlet is gone,
oxygen (O2) is left. Oxygen doesn’t destroy toxins, or do any of the
things I just talked about nearly as well. So ozone therapy is much
more effective as a Stage 4 cancer treatment.
So, how do you get the ozone into the body? One excellent method
is via ozone IV (injecting a fluid saturated with ozone into the
blood) and another effective method is via infusion bottle (removing
part of the blood from the body, saturating this blood with ozone,
then putting this oxygen rich blood back into the body). Both
treatments work by getting oxygen into the body. Millions of people
in Europe have been treated using ozone therapy, while in the
United States and Canada, the treatment remains illegal.
Ozone stimulates the production of cytokines. Cytokines are
“messenger cells” such as interferons and interleukins, which “set off
a cascade reaction of positive changes throughout the immune
system“ (R. Viebahn Haensler, The Use of Ozone in Medicine - 3rd
English Edition, page 132). The increased availability of oxygen in
turn supports the metabolic and detoxification functions of all
organs of the body. As I have already mentioned, unlike the
majority of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, God has miraculously
designed our bodies to protect themselves against single reactive
oxygen. The protection is provided through the action of dietary
“antioxidants” like vitamins A, C and E, and essential trace elements
like selenium that are incorporated into protective enzymes of the
cell membrane.
Thus ozone does not harm healthy cells, but has “highly pronounced
bactericidal, fungicidal and virostatic properties and is thus widely
used in disinfecting wounds, as well as bacterially and virally
produced diseases” (R. Viebahn Haensler, The Use of Ozone in
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Medicine - 3rd English Edition, page 132). This property of ozone is
called “selective toxicity” and the end result is that ozone therapy
kills harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeasts but leaves the
healthy cells alone.
Perhaps the most exciting research article was by Dr. James Boyce
using ozone therapy on AIDS patients attending his clinic. Out of
254 HIV positive patients, 248 were returned to HIV negative status
and consequent elevation in T-cell numbers within a treatment
period of only 60 days (these results were independently verified by
a major hospital and two independent labs). As is “par for the
course,” Dr. Boyce had his medical license revoked.
According to “ozone guru” Dr. Saul Pressman, “In a 1980 study done
by the German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy, 644 therapists
were polled regarding their 384,775 patients, with a total of
5,579,238 ozone treatments administered. There were only 40 cases
of side effects noted out of this number, which represents the
incredibly low rate of .000007 %, and only 4 fatalities. Ozone has
thus proven to be the safest medical therapy ever devised.”
www.lifestylestherapeutics.com/TSOOzone.html In stark contrast to
IPT’s .0000007% fatality rate, chemotherapy has a 97% fatality rate,
and it is LEGAL! Is this the “Twilight Zone” or what?
In the August 22, 1980 edition of the scientific journal SCIENCE,
Vol. 209, there was a report written by several M.D.s (Sweet, Kao,
Hagar, and Lee) entitled: “Ozone Selectively Inhibits Growth of
Human Cancer Cells.” It stated, “The growth of human cancer cells
from lung, breast and uterine cancers was selectively inhibited in a
dose-dependent manner by ozone at 0.3 to 0.8 parts per million of
ozone in ambient air during eight days of culture. Human lung
diploid fibro-blasts served as non-cancerous control cells. The
presence of ozone at 0.3 to 0.5 parts per million inhibited cancer cell
growth at 40 and 60% respectively. The non-cancerous lung cells
were unaffected at these levels. Exposure to ozone at 0.8 parts per
million inhibited cancer cell growth more than 90% and control cell
growth less than 50%. Evidently the mechanisms for defense against
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
ozone damage are impaired in human cancer cells.” The evidence
from these doctors’ research is irrefutable.
Both the EPA and the FDA acknowledge ozone’s ability to oxidize
over 99.99% of all waterborne pathogens. Ozone has been used for
human health since 1860, and is presently employed in over 16
countries. Its widest use is in Germany, where over 7,000 doctors
have treated more than 12,000,000 people since World War II.
However, as you might expect, the FDA has not allowed testing of
ozone, and has actively persecuted physicians who use it.
Here are a few examples of ozone/oxygen suppression and
􀂾 Dr William F. Koch, M.D. was the inventor of the
“Glyoxylide catalyst” cure for cancer. He was sued by FDA
but was acquitted after 600 doctors testified in his favor. He
died of poisoning in 1967.
􀂾 Dr. F.M. Eugene Blass was the developer of “Homozon™”
(the original oxygen therapy product) and was murdered
outside his house (same year and month as Dr Koch).
􀂾 Dr. Basil Earle Wainright was a physicist and the inventor of
“polyatomic apheuresis oxygen therapy.” Wainright was
imprisoned for 4 years.
􀂾 Ken Thiefault sold ozone generators and was sentenced to 7
years in prison for making medical claims. His wife was
sentenced to 3 years.
The list goes on and on, but I’m sure that you get the point. Despite
potential persecution, more and more doctors are turning to ozone
therapy as a crucial tool for the treatment of serious diseases. There
are two excellent clinics which use ozone therapy. The first, which I
have already recommended for IPT, is Dr. Frank Schallenberger’s
clinic, the Nevada Center for Alternative and Anti-Aging Medicine,
located in Carson City - www.antiagingmedicine.com. Another
clinic, called the Alternative Medicine New Hope Health Clinic, is
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
run by Dr. Frank Bartell in Oklahoma. Their website is
Also, if you decide to use ozone therapy, you MUST contact Dr. Saul
Pressman, whom I call “the Ozone Guru.” He moderates the
following email group: ozonetherapy@yahoogroups.com. Just join
the group and email Dr. Pressman with any questions. He is
incredibly responsive and always willing to help.
#4 – Intravenous Vitamin C (IVC)
Vitamin C is essential to the formation of collagen, the protein
“cement” that holds our cells together. Think of cells like bricks in a
wall. The strength of a brick wall is not really in the bricks, but it is
in the cement between the bricks. Collagen is this cement that holds
your cells together. If collagen is abundant and strong, your cells
hold together well. If cells stick together, tumors have a tough time
spreading through them. Strong collagen can thereby arrest the
spread of cancer.
Cancer cells secrete an enzyme called “hyaluronidase,” which helps
them eat away at collagen and break out into the rest of the body.
This is described in great detail in the book Hyaluronidase and
Cancer by Dr. Ewan Cameron, M.D. In order to prevent the
hyaluronidase enzymes from dissolving collagen, Dr. Matthias Rath
advocates increased consumption of the amino acids L-Lysine and LProline
and EGCG (a polyphenol catechin found in Green Tea) as
companion nutrients with vitamin C. Laboratory trials have
demonstrated the effectiveness of the combination of these 4
substances at blocking the hyaluronidase enzymes.
Vitamin C is required for our immune systems to generate and
mobilize the leukocytes that fight cancer. Maximum immune
function is vital if we want the body to fend off cancer. As I have
mentioned, orthodox “treatments” like chemo and radiation destroy
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
the immune system. In a 1995 publication, several physicians
presented evidence that ascorbic acid (and its salts) are preferentially
toxic to cancerous cells. In other words, vitamin C kills cancer cells
while leaving normal cells alone . So, it appears that vitamin C not
only strengthens the immune system, but it also preferentially kills
cancer cells. This is fascinating. Preferential toxicity occurred in
vitro in multiple tumor cell types. They also presented data
suggesting that plasma concentrations of ascorbate required for
killing tumor cells is achievable in humans. (Riordan NH, Riordan
HD, Meng X, Li Y, Jackson JA. “Intravenous ascorbate as a tumor
cytotoxic chemotherapeutic agent,” Medical Hypotheses, 1995).
And if that’s not enough reason to take vitamin C, then check this
out: vitamin C assists with oxygen transport and is a powerful
antioxidant. According to Dr. David Gregg, “Basically, the vitamin C
is transported to the lungs in the blood where it is oxidized. It then
is transported to the cells where it diffuses to the mitochondria and
delivers its oxidation potential, powering the respiratory chain, and
cycle repeats.”
Dr. Gregg theorizes that the primary effect of the large doses of
vitamin C is to serve as an oxygen transport molecule in the blood,
substituting for hemoglobin (which cannot provide oxygen to cancer
cells). He recommends a combination of vitamin C and vitamin E,
since vitamin C transports oxygen in the cytoplasm (water phase)
and vitamin E carries oxygen through the cell walls (oil phase).
www.krysalis.net/cancer2.htm and www.krysalis.net/cancer4.htm
Dr. K.N. Prasad’s theory is that normal cells require only a minute,
precisely controlled amount of antioxidants in order to function.
They reject any excess. But among other defects, malignant cells
have lost the capacity to regulate their uptake of antioxidants such as
vitamin C and E. Antioxidants can therefore accumulate in cancer
tissue in levels that can lead to the breakdown and death of
malignant cells (Prasad KN. “Antioxidants in cancer care: when and
how to use them as an adjunct standard and experimental therapies”
Expert Rev Anticancer Therapy, 12/2003, 903-15).
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Doctors A. Goth and I. Littmann in a paper entitled “Ascorbic Acid
Content in Human Cancer Tissue” (Cancer Research, Vol. 8, 1948)
described how cancer most frequently originates in organs whose
ascorbic acid (vitamin C) levels are below 4.5 mg% and rarely grows
in organs containing ascorbic acid above this concentration. Do you
see the connection? Remember how hydrogen peroxide is poured
on wounds to kill germs? Research just published in September of
2005 by Dr. Mark Levine et al has shown that high-dose
intravenous vitamin C can increase hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) levels
within cancer cells and eradicate the cancer cells.
The awareness that vitamin C is useful in the treatment of cancer is
largely attributable to the pioneering work of Dr. Linus Pauling, In
1976, he and a Scottish surgeon, Dr. Ewan Cameron, reported that
patients treated with high doses of vitamin C had survived 3 to 4
times longer than similar patients who did not receive vitamin C
supplements. The study was conducted during the early 1970s at the
Vale of Leven Hospital in Loch Lomonside, Scotland. Dr Cameron
treated 100 advanced cancer patients with 10,000 milligrams of
vitamin C per day.
The progress of these patients was then compared with that of 1,000
patients (of other doctors) who had NOT received vitamin C. The
findings were published in 1976, with Pauling as co-author, in the
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The 1976 report
emphasized that all of the patients had previously received
conventional treatment (i.e. the “Big 3”). The vitamin C patients
were reported to have a mean survival time of 300 days longer than
the other patients, with an improved quality of life. Their
experiments proved conclusively that vitamin C is a superior
treatment for terminal patients versus chemotherapy.
The Cancer Industry was furious with Pauling and Cameron. There
was no way that these 2 “quacks” and their vitamin therapy were
going to cut into the chemotherapy cash cow! There was too much
at stake for the Cancer Industry. Shareholders needed huge profits!
The Boards of Directors needed 7-figure salaries and golden
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
parachutes! Children needed Ivy League educations! So, following
standard operating procedure, there was a “smear” campaign to
discredit Dr. Pauling. The truth about what Cameron and Pauling
had discovered had to be crushed. But they had a big problem: the
results of these tests had already been published in Cameron and
Pauling’s book, Cancer and Vitamin C.
So, the Cancer Industry and their cronies quickly went to work.
They conducted 3 bogus studies with “predetermined” outcomes, all
of which contradicted the findings of Cameron and Pauling. Here’s
their dirty little secret: in all 3 studies, they failed to follow the
selection protocol, failed to follow the treatment protocol, and
performed some fancy linguistic and statistical tricks. Is it any
wonder that, in the end, the Cancer Industry proudly proclaimed
that Cameron and Pauling were quacks and that their research was
not to be trusted? However, four totally independent studies used
the same treatment protocol and got the same results as Pauling and
Cameron. The 3 bogus studies did not use the same treatment
protocol and did not get the same results.
According to Webster Kehr, “The Mayo Clinic studies were done
specifically to discredit the work of two-time Nobel Prize winner
Linus Pauling. Linus Pauling was getting people to believe there was
“scientific evidence” for Vitamin C, and he had to be stopped. It is
totally unacceptable (from the viewpoint of Big Pharma) for our
corrupt government to allow any scientific evidence for alternative
treatments of cancer. Because there was scientific evidence for
Vitamin C, and because they could not shut-up a two-time Nobel
Prize winner, there had to be bogus studies designed to divert
people’s attention from the valid studies. Once the bogus studies
were finished, the media could then take over the suppression of
truth and immediately start blacklisting the valid studies.”
How much vitamin C should you take? Studies have shown that in
order to pump adequate levels of vitamin C into the cancerous cells,
intravenous vitamin C (IVC) is the best protocol. Of course, you will
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
need to be under the supervision of a doctor – you don’t want to try
to give yourself an IV of vitamin C! The key is to be consistent with
large quantities of vitamin C. It needs to be taken several times
every day. Vitamin C therapy has also been used in conjunction
with DMSO and laetrile. For example, the “Manner Cocktail,”
consisting of 10cc of DMSO, 25 grams of vitamin C, and 9 grams of
laetrile dissolved in a 250cc bag of a 5% dextrose solution, is used to
treat cancer patients at the Manner Clinic in Tijuana. Dr. Gary Null,
PhD gives concise conclusions for approximately 90 vitamin C
studies here: www.garynull.com/Documents/vitaminc-cancer.htm.
Dr. Abram Hoffer is commonly credited with being the principal
founder of the alternative health movement using nutritional
(orthomolecular) treatment methods. During his practice, extending
more than 40 years, he has treated thousands of patients primarily
for cancer and schizophrenia, authoring many journal articles and
books. As part of this effort he collaborated with Dr. Linus Pauling
in his focus on utilizing vitamin C (with other nutrients) for the
treatment of cancer. I recently received an email from Dr. Hoffer in
which he informed me that he now has an Orthomolecular Vitamin
Information Centre and provides advice about the proper use of
vitamins, but he no longer has a clinic nor is he treating cancer
patients. He effectively retired during 2005, but you can reach his
center at 250-386-8756.
The Bright Spot for Health Clinic, a large research clinic, in Wichita,
Kansas, offers IVC therapy. Their website is www.brightspot.org and
their phone number is 316-682-3100. The Whitaker Wellness
Institute is another very well known clinic that offers IVC therapy.
Their website is www.whitakerwellness.com. However, IVC is not
mentioned on their website.
For an excellent video on IVC therapy, I recommend that you check
out this website: www.internetwks.com/cathcart/Cathcart2low.rm.
Also, Dr. Cameron’s article entitled “Protocol for the Intravenous
Use of Vitamin C in the Treatment of Cancer” is available at this
website: www.doctoryourself.com/cameron.html
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Despite voluminous data supporting a positive role of vitamin C in
the treatment of cancer, the Cancer Industry continues to suppress
the truth. In the words of Dr. Louis Lasagna of the University of
Rochester Medical School, “It seems indefensible not to at least try
substantial doses of vitamin C in these (terminal cancer) patients.”
#5 – Protocel™ (Entelev™/Cancell™)
Entelev™ was originally conceived and developed by Jim Sheridan
of Michigan, who was a chemist, attorney, and devout Christian. He
began working on his formula back in the 1930s and continued
“perfecting” it until the 1990s. Initally, Sheridan called his product
by the scientific name KC49. However since he believed that the
basic idea of his formula was a gift from God, Sheridan eventually
renamed his formula “Entelev,” which was taken from the Greek
word “entelechy” meaning “that part of man known only to God.” It
was eventually renamed “Cancell” and is currently resold as
In this chapter, I will use the term Protocel™ to represent the line of
products which includes both Entelev™ and Cancell.™ Even as a
young man, Jim was a devout Christian and constantly prayed for
God to direct his steps and give him the ability to use his intellect for
the good of all mankind, and even had early aspirations to find a
cure for cancer. Little did he know that his prayers would be
answered and his dreams would be realized.
A devout Christian, Sheridan credited his formula in part to his
advanced studies in chemistry and in part to a dream which he
believed came from God. He refused any financial compensation,
claiming Entelev™ was “a gift from God to all his children.” Mr.
Sheridan spent his whole life researching, improving the formula,
and trying to bring it to the suffering people of the world. When he
could not get his formula approved, he gave the product away for
free. Such altruism is rarely seen.
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
What is it and how does it work? Protocel™ is the world’s most
effective free radical scavenger (antioxidant). It is designed to
specifically target anaerobic cells in the body by interfering with the
production of ATP energy in all of the cells in your body, which in
turn lowers the voltage of each cell by between 10% and 20%. The
reason that I say that Protocel™ targets anaerobic (i.e. cancer) cells is
simple. All the cells of our body have a specific voltage, or electrical
Healthy cells have a very high voltage, while unhealthy (anaerobic)
cells have a very low voltage, due to the fact that they produce
energy via fermentation. The slight reduction in voltage causes
anaerobic cancer cells to shift downward to a point below the
minimum that they need to remain intact, thus the cells basically
self-destruct and break apart, or “lyse” into harmless proteins. The
healthy cells of the body typically have such a high normal voltage
that the slight reduction in voltage caused by Protocel™ does not
harm them.
Let’s back up a bit, shall we? The process by which our cells produce
and distribute energy is called cellular “respiration” or “metabolism.”
Most people think of respiration as breathing, but every living cell in
the body is technically involved in respiration, because the term
“respiration” also refers to a chemical reaction in a cell which
involves oxygen and which provides energy to the cell. Remember
Dr. Otto Warburg and his findings that cancer cells produce energy
via anaerobic respiration?
Crucial to the respiratory system of each cell in our body is a process
called “oxidation reduction,” also referred to as the “redox system.”
According to Jim Sheridan, “This system can be thought of as a
ladder, with a different chemical reaction taking place on each
step…the bottom steps of the ladder involve relatively simple or
‘primitive’ respiratory reactions. The primitive reactions at the
bottom of the ladder take place without oxygen being present. The
higher respiratory reactions require the presence of oxygen.
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Generally, for reduction you move down the ladder. For oxidation
you move up the ladder.”
The scientific basis for Protocel™ is to place a long-term drain of
power on cancer cells. Now, cells undergo short-term drains of
power all the time. Back in the 1990s, I was a competitive
bodybuilder. Working out with weights causes short-term drains of
power to the cells, then the cells nicely recover. But when a cell
undergoes a long-term drain of power, despite the fact that the cell
is overloaded, respiration will continue, but the balance of the
respiration system will eventually be affected. For instance, smoking
cigarettes causes a long-term drain of power to the cells in the lungs.
This type of condition is called a chronic condition in which the
cells work constantly and never rest.
A long-term drain of power causes the cell to move slowly down the
rungs of the respiratory ladder. As long as there is a drain of power,
the cell’s movement down the ladder slowly continues. However,
when it reaches a point, which is about 85% of the way down from
the top of the ladder, the cell does not fall any further down the
ladder and the cell remains “in balance.” This is the lowest the cell
can go on the respiratory ladder and still have significant similarities
to a normal cell and is also the highest point on the ladder that the
cell has similarities to a primitive cell. Sheridan called this point the
“critical point” of the respiratory ladder.
The critical point is the dividing line between differentiated
(normal) cells and primitive cells, and is the point at which a cell
turns cancerous. Once pushed down to the critical point, the cell
wants to stay in that new steady state at the 15% point on the
ladder. The problem with having a cell in steady state at the critical
point is that the body doesn’t really recognize the cell, thus it does
not know how to deal with it. If the cell were still healthy, it would
know how to recharge itself. If the cell were further down the
ladder, the body would know how to get rid of it through natural
processes. But the cancer cell is walking the line, straddling the
fence between normal cells and primitive cells.
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
One of the chemicals which reduces respiration is catechol. The
natural catechols have many different oxidation reduction
potentials. Protcel™ was designed to take advantage of the fact that
the cancer cell is “straddling the fence” by acting like a catechol,
inhibiting respiration at the critical point, and effectively forcing the
cell to move further down the respiration ladder so it is completely
into the primitive stage. Once the cell is entirely in the primitive
stage, the body “recognizes” it and will attack and dispose of it
naturally. In some places (like the brain) the body will form a crust
like membrane around the primitive cells. There will be the tumor
but it is dead and enclosed. In other places (skin cancer) the body
will effectively digest it in a process called lysis (self-digestion).
But won’t a decrease in cellular respiration also damage normal
cells? Plain and simply, the answer is “no.” Remember, normal cells
are working well within their potential to produce energy as they
are near the top of the respiration ladder. Since normal cells work at
such a high level of the redox system, if their respiration potential is
reduced somewhat, it is no real problem for them.
According to James Sheridan, when taking his formula, “No special
diet is required … However, do not take mega doses of vitamins C
and E while taking Entelev/Cancell. The chemical make up of these
two vitamins shifts the point on the Oxidation-Reduction ladder
where Entelev/Cancell works. Since Entelev/Cancell was designed to
hit hardest at the ‘critical point,’ any shift will reduce the
effectiveness of Entelev/Cancell.” http://alternativecancer.us/how.htm#diet
(Protocel™ is a trade marked name for the formulas. Protocel 23™ is
the trademarked name for Entelev™ and Protocel 50™ is the trade
name for Cancell™ The name Protocel™ was developed shortly
before Mr. Sheridan’s death.)
However, based upon the fact that this protocol’s success hinges
upon pushing cancer cells further down the respiration ladder, it is
clear that you should not use this protocol in conjunction with
products that are intended to increase the production of cellular
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
energy. Products to avoid include co-enzyme Q10, selenium, alpha
lipoic acid, creatine, IGF, spirulina, chlorella, and super algae.
REMEMBER: If you choose this treatment, you MUST follow the
guidelines of which supplements, foods, and other alternative
treatments you can combine with Protocel™. Many people report
noticeable results in 3 to 5 weeks. In about 2 months, most people
see results. I have heard it said that Protocel™ does not actually
“kill” the cancer cell per se, but rather enables the body to rid itself
of the cancer cells via normal means such as lysis. However, after a
long conversation with Tanya Harter Pierce, I believe that
Protocel™ actually DOES kill the cancer cells. Regardless of the
exact cancer cure mechanism, be patient, as this can take a while.
According to Webster Kehr, “If the Protocel treatment becomes less
effective over time, there are a couple of possible reasons. First, is
there something you are eating (including supplements) or drinking
that is interfering with Protocel? Check this very, very
carefully…Second, there may be a more complex problem. The
reason Protocel may become less effective is because Protocel may
not be able to kill the Multiple-Drug Resistant (M.D.R) cancer cells
(especially if the patient has been on chemotherapy). If you think
this is the reason you should immediately add Paw Paw to your
treatment. The Paw Paw will not only kill M.D.R. cells, it will also
enhance the effectiveness of Protocel in other ways.”
In the 1970s, the National Cancer Institute started funding Dr. Jerry
McLaughlin at Purdue University to find botanical substances that
had cytotoxic (cancer killing) potential. He tested and screened over
3,500 species of plants, and found that the acetogenin compounds of
the Annonaceae family had the most potential. It is these
acetogenins that he found to drastically reduce the ATP production
of the cells’ mitochondria. He worked with the various species of
this family, including the Paw Paw and Graviola. Using some very
sophisticated chemical modeling techniques, he found and isolated
over 50 acetogenins in Paw Paw and 28 in Graviola.
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
These acetogenins, which are basically long chains of carbon atoms,
effectively reduce the growth of blood vessels that nourish cancer
cells and also inhibit the growth of M.D.R. cells. Both Paw Paw and
Graviola can both be used to enhance the effectiveness of Protocel™
as they both block ATP production, thus reducing the voltage of the
cell until it basically falls apart via apoptosis. However, according to
Dr. McLaughlin, Paw Paw is much more effective than Graviola.
Tests were done under the direction of Dr. McLaughlin on two
leading Graviola products, and these test showed that Paw Paw had
between 24 and 50 times the cytotoxic potency of Graviola.
The combination of Paw Paw or Graviola with Protocel™ is a
powerful “cancer-fighting” cocktail. In order to maximize the
effectiveness of this cocktail, they should be taken every 6 hours, on
the hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As I mentioned earlier in
this chapter, It has been theorized that Paw Paw and Graviola (like
Protocel™), were not as effective if they were combined with certain
antioxidants. Currently, it is still up for debate. To be safe, I
recommend against taking Vitamin C and Vitamin E with these
products, since these 2 antioxidants do increase ATP, thus would
negate their effectiveness. In 1997, Purdue University reported that
Graviola’s acetogenins “not only are effective in killing tumors that
have proven resistant to anti-cancer agents, but also seem to have a
special affinity for such resistant cells.”
I must give credit to Tanya Harter Pierce for her amazing research
on Protocel™. Much of the information in this chapter comes
directly from her research and from phone conversations and emails
I have exchanged with Ms. Pierce. I highly recommend her book
Outsmart Your Cancer. It is phenomenal and was an excellent
source of information on the Protocel™ treatment protocol. She is an
expert on this treatment. If you choose to use Protocel™, then you
must purchase her book. It is required reading and is available at the
following website: www.outsmartyourcancer.com.
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
#6 – The Brandt/Kehr Grape Cure
In the 1920s, Johanna Brandt of South Africa said she cured her
stomach cancer with what she called The Grape Cure. A few years
later, she wrote a fascinating book that revealed the specifics of how
she rid herself of cancer. Basically, Brandt ate grapes….lots of
grapes…including their skins and seeds. As it turns out, grapes have
been show to contain a substance called resveratrol.
According to a well-known researcher, Dr. John Pezzuto of the
University of Illinois at Chicago, this naturally occurring phenol
“has multiple modes of action, inhibiting cancer growth at a lot of
different stages, which is unusual.” It is also believed that resveratrol
activates the p53 gene which induces apoptosis (normal cell death).
In addition to resveratrol, grapes (especially purple Concord grapes)
contain several other nutrients that are known to kill cancer cells,
such as ellagic acid, lycopene, OPCs, selenium, catechin, quercetin,
gallic acid, and vitamin B17. What an amazing cancer fighting
Since many things have changed since Brandt published her Grape
Cure diet in the 1920s, I have adapted this diet based upon
recommendations from Webster Kehr, thus “the Brandt/Kehr Grape
Cure.” For example, the trace minerals in the soil have largely been
depleted over the past half century, and chlorine and fluoride are
now added to water supplies, just to name a few. I mention these
items because all grape juice, including organic, may have been
mixed with chlorine water. Also, all grape juice has been
pasteurized, by law, thus destroying the enzymes which are critical
to the digestion of grape juice. This being so, the Brandt/Kehr Grape
Cure requires a certain amount of whole grapes.
A typical day on the Brandt/Kehr diet involves 12 hours of fasting
followed by 12 hours of grape consumption. During the
consumption period, you are supposed to consume absolutely
nothing except for grapes, grape mush, and fresh squeezed grape
juice, which should be consumed slowly over the 12 hour period,
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
not just at meal times. During this period, you should consume
between ½ gallon and 1 gallon of pure “grape mush” made from
putting the grapes into a food processor. To avoid nausea and
maximize the effectiveness of the grape mush, divide it into 8 equal
portions to be eaten slowly every 1½ hours of the 12 hour
consumption period.
Be sure to drink at least a gallon per day of pure spring water or
artesian well water, spread out over both 12 hour periods, and taken
with the grape mush during the consumption period. Make sure
your water is not treated with chlorine or fluoride. The grape juice
mush should include crushed seeds and the skins, and the grapes
should be purple Concord grapes. Don’t buy seedless grapes or green
grapes, as they don’t have all the “goodies” that purple Concord
grapes do. And purchase organic grapes if possible, since grapes are
heavily sprayed with pesticides. If you are unable to obtain organic
grapes, be sure to wash your grapes in warm spring water for at least
15 minutes and rinse.
During the water fast, the cancer cells get very hungry. Then, when
they finally do get food, what they get is grapes, which they gobble
up since grapes contain high concentrations of natural sugar. And
cancer cells love sugar! However, those same grapes also contain
several major cancer killing nutrients listed above. So, in essence,
we “fool” the cancer cells into ingesting an entire myriad of cancerfighting
nutrients. It’s like putting poison in candy and then giving it
to a starving child. And since cancer cells are extremely inefficient
at producing energy, they require much more sugar than regular
healthy cells, so they gobble up even more grapes! And as we
learned previously, cancer cells consume 18 times more sugar (and
18 times more of the cancer-fighting nutrients found in grapes) than
normal healthy cells. Thus, the Grape Cure diet is one of the
ultimate ways to kill cancer cells!
What supplements should be taken with the Brandt/Kehr Grape
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
1. Grape seed extract – check the ingredients to get the most
2. Grape skin extract – check ingredients to get the most
3. Quercetin – available as an over the counter supplement.
4. Vitamin C – 12 to 15 grams spread out during the day (build
up to this amount over two weeks, do NOT start out at 12-15
5. Cayenne pepper – the hotter and as close to raw as possible.
6. Niacin – one gram per day.
Both cayenne pepper and niacin increase blood flow, which helps
get the grape juice to the cancer cells. Cancer cells frequently thrive
in areas where circulation is poor. What treatments can you use
along with the Grape Cure? Do not use cesium chloride, since
cesium blocks glucose from getting into the cancer cells, and the
Brandt/Kehr Grape Cure uses the glucose as a transport agent for the
cancer-fighting nutrients.
There is a 6 week cycle on this treatment. The first 5 weeks are the
pure Brandt/Kehr Grape Cure treatment. Do not eat or drink
anything other than grapes. Period. During the 6th week, eat only
raw fruits and vegetables. The sixth week will allow certain other
foods to be eaten. Repeat the 6 week cycle as many times as
necessary to cure your cancer.
#7 – The Bob Beck Protocol
The Bob Beck Protocol started out as an electromedicine treatment
for AIDS/HIV, however, it has incredible potential for being a
superb Stage IV cancer treatment.
According to R. Webster Kehr, “There is certainly no other
electromedicine treatment for cancer that is anywhere near as
effective as the Bob Beck Protocol. It is far better than any Rife
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Machine, far better than any Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO), far
better than anything Hulda Clark has out, and so on. “
Back in 1990, two medical doctors, Dr. William D. Lyman and Dr.
Steven Kaali, discovered that a small electric current could disable
microbes from being able to multiply, thus rendering them inert or
harmless. In my opinion, and I am not alone, this was the greatest
discovery in the history of medicine because virtually all diseases are
caused by, or enhanced by, a microbe. The discovery was a cure for
almost every disease known to mankind. But unlike the discoveries
of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, the discovery of Dr. Kaali and Dr.
Lyman has not been lost to science. In fact, details of their discovery
are very, very well preserved and protected. However, even though
the technology is very well documented, orthodox medicine is not
interested in their discovery. Orthodox medicine is interested in
“treatments,” not “cures,” because “treating” a person is much more
profitable than “curing” them.
Dr. Beck, who held a PhD in physics and had 30 years of
electromedicine research behind him, found out about the discovery
and found a non-invasive way to use their discovery.
According to Dr. Beck, “I read an article in Science News that
was published March 30, 1991. On page 207, it described the
“shocking” treatment proposed for AIDS by Albert Einstein
College of Medicine in New York City, which had
accidentally discovered a way to cure all AIDS. So I looked
into this, and I found that a paper on an AIDS cure had been
presented to a Joint Congress on Combination Therapies in
Washington, D.C., on March 14, 1991, at the First
International Symposium on Combination Therapy.
When I attempted to find a copy of this paper to see what it
said, I found that they had all vanished or were cut out of the
proceedings. We hired a private investigator who got a
personal abstract copy from one of the conference attendees.
I also did a computer search and found that the only other
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
mention of this technology was in “Outer Limits” in
Longevity Magazine which appeared in the December, 1992,
issue. It stated that Steven Kaali, M.D., from Albert Einstein
College of Medicine, had found a way of inhibiting AIDS in
blood, but that years of testing would be required before the
virus-electrocuting device was ready for use. In other words,
they discovered it and then tried to cover it up immediately.
But a very funny thing happened. Two years later, a patent
popped up. The U.S. Government Patent Office described the
entire process. You can obtain Patent #5188738 in which the
same Dr. Kaali describes a process, which will attenuate any
bacteria or virus (including AIDS/HIV), parasites and all fungi
contained in the blood, rendering them ineffective from
infecting a normally healthy human cell. This is in a
government document! This was in 1990! Why haven't they
told the public about it? I decided if there was a sure-fire cure
for AIDS, I had to find out about it.
When I looked into Dr. Kaali’s work, I decided to go ahead
and fund it. We found that it worked all of the time. For two
and a half years, we gave full credit for this invention to Dr.
Kaali, whose name is on the patent. Then I discovered that
there was a long history of this technology. We followed a
trail of these patents back 107 years! We found a patent,
#4665898, that cured all cancer, dated May 19, 1987. Why
has this been suppressed? Why hasn't your doctor told you
about an absolutely proven, established cure for cancer? The
answer is that doctors get $375,000 per patient for surgery,
chemotherapy, x-ray, hospital stays, doctors and
anesthesiologists. This is the official statistic from the U.S.
Department of Commerce. Unfortunately, the medical
patient cured is a customer lost.”
Dr. Beck’s early research had to be done outside of the U.S. His first
electromedicine machine is called the Blood Purifier or Blood
Electrifier. The Blood Electrifier creates a very small alternating
Chapter 7 – Top 7 Stage IV Treatments Cancer – Step Outside the Box
electric current which destroys a key enzyme on the surface of a
microbe and prevents the microbe from multiplying. The body
safely excretes the disabled microbes.
However, Dr. Beck found out that in some cases the AIDS/HIV virus
came back. He concluded that some viruses were hiding in the body
and were dormant, and thus were not circulating with the blood. He
then developed his 2nd electromedicine machine, called the
Magnetic Pulser to disable those microbes which were not
circulating in the blood. Dr. Beck’s protocol also included colloidal
silver (which kills microbes) and ozonated water (which either kills
the microbes or the cancer cells).
Dr. Beck died in 2002, but it is safe to predict that there will be a
race between orthodox medicine and alternative medicine, for years
to come, as to whether this alternative cancer treatment will
survive. The technology will survive, but at least one person has
been thrown in jail for selling Bob Beck Protocol equipment and
two others have mysteriously died. Bob Beck believed that his
treatment, which clearly removes every type of microbe from the
body of a person, is a potent way to restore the immune system of
that person. He felt that that was a large reason his treatment had
been so successful on cancer patients.
IMPORTANT: No other alternative cancer treatment or orthodox
cancer treatment can be used with the Bob Beck Protocol. All other
cancer treatments must be STOPPED at least 2 days prior to starting
the Bob Beck protocol. The Bob Beck Protocol must be used by
itself. No prescription drugs, no herbs, etc.
My comrade Webster Kehr will provide email support, and when
needed telephone support, for anyone using this treatment. If you
decide to use the Bob Beck protocol, please visit the following
website: www.cancertutor.com/Cancer02/BobBeck.html to obtain
Webster’s email address. Be sure to study his list of “forbidden
substances” as well as read his entire article.

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