Jul 7, 2009

Cow eats diamonds hidden in hay

Cow eats diamonds hidden in hay

Cow Eats Diamonds Hidden In Hayby Sherry MorsePosted on February 18, 2004
An Indian diamond merchant has been waiting almost a month to retrieve a stash of diamonds eaten recently by one of his cows.

Dilubhai Rajput stashed a bag filled with more than 1700 small diamonds, worth about $1000, in a pile of hay at his home in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Unfortunately, his hungry cow ate the diamonds along with the hay.

In desperation, Rajput has resorted to offering the cow a diet of grain, grass, and fruit to encourage her to pass the diamonds.
Man Waits for Cow to 'Pass' Diamonds

He has also briefly tried feeding the cow laxatives, but found that the laxatives did not help her pass any more diamonds. The grass and vegetables seem to do the job better.

Within the first three days of the new feeding regime Rajput had retrieved 300 of his diamonds. However, according to veterinarian A.S. Manvar, even though Rajput was able to get some of his diamonds back he most likely will not get all of them back.

"The cow is a ruminant animal which has its stomach divided in four compartments," Manvar explained. "It is impossible to recover all of the diamonds

Manvar suggested using surgery to remove the diamonds, but Rajput rejected that idea as being sinful.

The cow has become the center of attention for people in her town, and even throughout the region, who wait each day in the hope that she will produce more diamonds.

Rajput has reportedly moved his bed closer to the cow so he can keep an eye on her.

"I won't budge from this place," he said.

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