Jul 15, 2011

Need of kamdhenu(cow) welfare family

The cow, in the form of Kamdhenu as described in veda which is victim of tryanny of modern man who was afflicted with the blot of cow slaughter, evokes the devotees of cows to save the human race.
Honorable cow devotees, gentlemen, many rishis, great men and cow devotees has started movements and vast demonstration to stop cow slaughter to give full protection to the holy cows yet the cows have not be found full protection. At present about fifty thousand cows are being killed daily. If we peer in the back ground of all those movements, a picture will be emerged. In which all the rulers and representatives have attempted to achieve the destination of cow’s protection. The success of all the movements left some unanswered questions. As, why does a cow remain hungry? What is the reason for which a cow herd has forced to leave a cow? Why are the government and ruler afraid of saving cows? Why do the agitators not get success in achieving destination in spite of having millions in number?
Sevikasram great pilgrimage patnagarh Kamdhenu family has dared to face the challenge of getting the answer of unanswered questions of total cow protection in campaign.
No ruler or administrator or kings can rear the entire cow. If cow slaughter is to be stopped, cow in every family and goshala in every village will have to be setup. Reliable investigation and research will have to be done to prove economic and spiritual importance of cows. There will be a powerful one faithful team for the cow protection which will be away form shouting slogans and drama. Agricultural India will have to be prosperous economically and free form pollution through production of holy food grain. Investment on panchgavya will be attempted on war footing. Improved breeding and protection of cow should be done etc. these all attempts will instal the importance of a cow in its real form. If it is done, no one will leave a cow. When there will be no cow for slaughter house, killing of cow will be stops automatically and all the obstacles like poverty unemployment and malnourish will be eradicated in the whole country.
The main objective of this institution is to protect and increase cows in large number on the base of physical, economical and intellectual prosperity and cow rearing farmers (gopalak) are to be showed the importance and utility of cows with proof. So that both farm and farmers may be self reliance. The villagers may get employment; the production of grass may be increased with reservoir (collecting water) with planting trees in grasslands, ourans and other forests. The quality of panchgavya should be increased by it refinement so that maximum village self employment may be increased. Investment on (gavya) should be made through scientific method and discretion. Agriculture should be developed through using of cows. The quantity as well as quality of medicines should be improved heritage of greenery and cattle should be increased.
It will increase the agricultural production qualitatively and quantitatively. And it will be beneficial for environmental purity and human health. Distructive conception has been setup in the society, nation and the world. The powerful people obsessed with disgust, jealousy malice ego etc. is devouring the weak people of nation and society. Poisonous mixture of regionalism, sactrialism and majhabvad is being fed for the distruction of the whole world. People have become selfish and greedy. A person is destroying the rights of the weak and helpless creatures to ful fill his unapeased desire. Devils in the form of men have attacked (advanced) to destroy the holy creature like cow with cruelty.
Thousands of cows are being killed everyday. This activity is distructive (ruinous) and a great sin. It is against the justice of nature. And painful for the whole universe. The National Kamdhenu (Regd.Trust) vrindaban was originated by the affliction of these pains in the heart of the saints. The organization of this institution is based on the aim of benavolent for all. Thus institution is totally against (rival), narrow mindedness, discrimation and selfish struggle. There is no place for personalism, sectarianism and political parties in this institution.
This institution believes in co existence. It runs on the basic principle of “our benefit is the benefit of all” any activity or counsel works to mix (add) person, society and nation. To look at this institution through defile political point of view is a terrible fault (folly) and a great sin. Without understanding the welfare accomplishment work of the institution, imaginary useless conception, spread baseless illusion in the society or misguide the people and society is a great foolishness and go on the way of distruction by himself. It can not be considered prudency. So giving up false conceptions, the government and society should help according to their capacity.
Due to above mentioned discription, the eyes of responsible persons of the society and states should be opened who tried to impede the holy work of the institution, closing their eyes. If their eyes are not opened at this statement, then it is sure that the creator didn’t bestow them eyes.
It was the first opportunity when the great historical celebration of a vast kumbh of about 50 cows for growth, protection, and rearing of cows has been performing for four years after the incarnation of lord Krishna. In this three day celebration the all powers related to universal religion and Hindu culture gathered at one place. And lacs o people took a vow with their mind and conscious to give complete protection to cows. The spiritual power had warned with challenge to the people who installed with authority on the earth that if the descendants of Kamdhenu, Surabhi and Nandini which are the representative of this whole earth are given injustice, no one will save the earth from its distruction and the humanity will be tortured.
Specially India the subcontinent which is the axis of the universe from where the whole world gets energy is the base of life. In the lap of such India their mother, killing, flowing blood and torturing cows must be stopped immediately. If this great crime is not eradicated from this land of India, the blood of cows falling on the land of India will destroy the modern civilization of materialism and dictatorship like at the time of Ram’s incarnation the rishis blood was manifested in the form of sita caused the distruction of the civilization of materialism and greediness.
So every Indian born form the womb of Bharat Mata, whether he is labourer or sagacious or belong to any. Sector leaders of nation should be understood that the cow is our mother and our safety depends on the protection of cows. Now there should be no delay to protect, rear and increase cows. We should use our whole power in it. Because the mahakal (destroyer) has opened its jaw to devour the devils, in the form of men who kill the dumb, helpless and weak creatures. They, who are deforming the world can’t be saved themselves from the jaw of mahakal (destroyer) they will surely be eradicated.
So gentleman! Be cautious and reprenting the dumb, helpless and weak creature, go in the shelter of mother cows and ask for forgiveness mercifully for your crimes. According to the collective pledge of God’s energy, rishi energy, Goddess energy and humanity energy the compaign of national cow protection was started in holy Kamdhenu Dham Vrindaban. Consequently lacs of cows have been saved form going under the sword of cruel butchers.
Under the direction of Kamdhenu (welfare) Sadhak family such disciplined and labourious cow devees will be prepared. They will make the national creative cow service compaign peacefully.
In this sadhna camp, protection, rearing and growth of cows will be thought over and constantly tried for the development of body, mind and spirituality religiously. So you are requested to assist in this important compaign with your body and mind.

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